The Good Earth Organics wants to wish all of our customers the very best during the holiday season. You’ve all helped to make our year the best ever and we hope that your gardens were successful too! In 2015 we look forward to serving your needs and hope that you and all your loved ones have a great year.

Winter in southern Oregon brings opportunities for indoor gardens. With the cooler weather, indoor gardens can be ventilated from the outdoors to remove heat from lights. At The Good Earth Organics, we have all the supplies you may need for your indoor garden. You can choose from a variety of inert media types or use our popular Zen Blend soilless coco/peat moss/perlite/organic mix. We offer professional advice, so come in and let us help you in your endeavors.


 The #1 supplier of bulk and bagged soil in southern Oregon, The Good Earth Organics is offering customers of 100 yards or more an additional $5/yd discount on all our bulk soils purchased and delivered before March 1. We are gratified to hear about the exceptional results our customers have described when using our soil last year. We look forward to meeting you needs this year and have worked hard to source and us only the highest quality starting materials. Come and talk to our experienced staff to help you plan your garden for this year. Check out our prices: PRICE LIST

Gaia's Gift Premium Potting Soil

This coco/peat moss based soil is chock full of organic nutrients making it perfect for growing award winning outdoor gardens.

 Loaded at the store: $106/yd
Delivered 15+ yards: $98/yd + trucking
Bags (10 gal): $8.00

Zen BlendZen Blend

This soil formula has 40% coco peat and 25% perlite which makes it an ideal choice for starts, smart pots or outdoor gardens where a fast draining formula is desired.

It has a balanced organic nutrient charge and can be used for seeds or young starts...

GreenBroz Dry Trimmer

The GreenBroz dry trimmer is a revolutionary design that works on dry material. It is gentle and quiet, but thorough in function. It utilizes stainless steel blades and only needs 25 watts of power. It is rated for 1 lb per hour. We are offering it for $4500, which is below MSRP

GreenBroz Commercial Dry Trimmer

The GreenBroz dry trimmer is a revolutionary design that works on dry material. It is gentle and quiet, but thorough in function. It utilizes stainless steel blades and only needs 40 watts of power. It is rated for 3 lb per hour. We are offering it for $9800

Gavita Pro 1000 DE

The Gavita Pro 1000 is the first 240 Volt electronic ballast that powers the professional 1000W 400V EL (electronic) Double Ended lamps. These lamps have the highest PAR light output, improved spectrum and the best light maintenance (>95% PAR light over one year of use).

Gavita Pro 6/750e DE Flex

The Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX is part of the new Gavita Pro line e-series, the next generation of professional grow light solutions. This double ended fixture is capable of being remote controlled by the Gavita Master Controller. This fixture works on 120-240V, but drives a professional high voltage electronic horticultural lamp.


Here’s a partial list of places we serve: Ashland, Medford, Merlin, Grants Pass, Central Point, Phoenix, Gold Hill, Eugene, Seattle, Humboldt County, Redding, CA…If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and need nutrients or harvest supplies, The Good Earth Organics is the place to call.

Our Top Soil Blends

Gaia's Gift

Gaia’s Gift is our most popular choice for growing prize winning plants. Our coco-coir peat moss blend  is a mix with a full rich complement of organic and natural ingredients that produces superior results.

Zen Blend

Zen Blend is the one to choose if you prefer a hydroponic style of gardening. With 40% coco-coir, 20 % peat moss and 25% perlite fast drainage is assured. We add compost, pumice, aged forest humus and a charge of organic and natural ingredients to complete the mix.

Our Other Popular Blends

Dirt “Cheep” is intended for customers on a budget. Our aged forest humus and rich organic blend that matches the Gaia’s Gift formula will help produce great gardens.

Planting Mix is a great mix for raised beds, lawns and general gardening needs. Add your own nutrients and watch the results.

Standard Mix/Base Mix is a good base layer to put under raised beds for drainage and to take up volume under a rich top layer. 

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