As we transition into bloom season, now is the time to stock up on all the nutrients and preventative sprays you’ll need to maximize your yield. We offer a full line of liquid and dry nutrients including both organics and top-of-the-line synthetics at our store in Cave Junction, OR. We buy in bulk so we can pass savings on to our customers, check out our recent price list to see the savings available.

Gaia's GiftGaia's Gift

This coco/peat moss based soil is chock full of organic nutrients making it perfect for growing award-winning outdoor gardens.

Coco peat has many benefits for promoting growth including the entrapment of air, providing sites for the establishment of microorganisms and providing drainage during watering...

Zen BlendZen Blend

This soil formula has 40% coco peat and 25% perlite which makes it an ideal choice for starts, smart pots or outdoor gardens where a fast draining formula is desired.

It has a balanced organic nutrient charge and can be used for seeds or young starts...

Age Old Bloom

Age Old Organics Bloom (NPK: 5-10-5) is a fast-acting natural high Phosphorous combination of two of the oldest forms of fertilizer known, with added micro-nutrients. This odorless concentrated Bloom liquid fertilizer encourages early growth, better fruit set, increases germination rates, helps flower and bud formation, and will help overcome stress caused by natural or chemical damage. Derived from fish solubles, feather meal and colloidal phosphates. Micronutrients are derived from seaweed extract, borax and complex sugars.

Botanicare Pro Soil Bloom

Pure Blend® Pro Soil 1-4-5 blooming natural and organic-based nutrient is specifically designed for plants cultivated in soil and coco. Containing only natural sources of essential major, secondary, and trace minerals from the land and sea in a 100% soluble form Pure Blend Pro Soil encourages the development of vigorous buds, fruits, and flowers. Cultivating plants in soil requires higher phosphorous levels to offset clay colloidal particles that bind up phosphorous and offset soil microbes that also compete for the phosphorous.


Thinking BIG? We provide bulk soil delivery for Oregon, California and Washington.

Here’s a partial list of places we serve: Ashland, Medford, Merlin, Grants Pass, Central Point, Phoenix, Gold Hill, Eugene, Seattle, Humboldt County, Redding, CA…If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and need a lot of great organic soil, The Good Earth Organics is the place to call.

Our Top Soil Blends

Gaia's Gift

Gaia’s Gift is our most popular choice for growing prize winning plants. Our coco-coir peat moss blend  is a mix with a full rich complement of organic and natural ingredients that produces superior results.

Zen Blend

Zen Blend is the one to choose if you prefer a hydroponic style of gardening. With 40% coco-coir, 20 % peat moss and 25% perlite fast drainage is assured. We add compost, pumice, aged forest humus and a charge of organic and natural ingredients to complete the mix.

Our Other Popular Blends

Dirt “Cheep” is intended for customers on a budget. Our aged forest humus and rich organic blend that matches the Gaia’s Gift formula will help produce great gardens.

Planting Mix is a great mix for raised beds, lawns and general gardening needs. Add your own nutrients and watch the results.

Standard Mix/Base Mix is a good base layer to put under raised beds for drainage and to take up volume under a rich top layer. 

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